The three beauty game-changers you should always have to hand

Beauty game-changers go beyond the usual brushes and make-up selection and give added value to your beauty kit. Simple things to always have with you so you can level up your beauty. Here are three I couldn't be without...

A refillable atomiser

I don't know about you, but the idea of putting a very expensive bottle of my favourite Le Labo fragrance in my luggage for holidays fills me with dread. Likewise, risking that the full size bottle won't make it through security - or worse, bringing it on a night out only to lose it in the pub. Instead, get an atomiser and fill it with a few millilitres of your fave, worry-free and smelling amazing.

beauty game-changers


Travalo Travel Atomiser in Mint

€29.50 from

An excellent pair of tweezers

Not just for plucking stray hairs - but if you need to, it's there for you - a good tweezers can be used to fish errant brush hairs off your face, to apply individual and strip lashes and as a general tool for opening things, tidying and delicate placement. Quite the cliché, but I think Tweezerman are the best in the biz.

beauty game-changers

Tweezerman pink tweezers

€20.75 from


Brush cleanser on the go

Sometimes the best result you'll ever get from your make-up is the day immediately after they've been cleaned - there's nothing like a fresh set of brushes to give a really flawless finish. Likewise, a clean brush dramatically reduces the chance of you getting broken out in spots because of your tools. Cleaning on the go is worth doing! This Beauty Blender one is a beauty game-changer because it's waterless - how handy?

beauty game-changers

Beauty Blender Instaclean Waterless Brush Cleaner

€16.95 from

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