The best new moisturising body lotions

Three new body lotions to try now. 

Are you the kind to slather yourself in body lotions after every shower or do you save it for a special occasion? I can't remember the last time I didn't do a full-body moisturising after a shower. I've been body lotioning every day for at least ten years, meaning I go through a fierce amount of body lotions, so I'm something of an expert on the matter.

My hero body lotions are Palmers Cocoa Butter, €4.99 (you either love or hate the smell, and it takes its time drying in so this is for the committed body lotion user) and Avène Cold Cream Body Lotion, €22.99, (sinks in quick, leaves your skin feeling extra hydrated and doesn't stink). L'Occitane creates the best luxurious oils and balms for supple skin and mega hydration, and the best option for when dry patches ravage your upper arms is Eucerin's Dry Skin Intensive Lotion, €13.49, which replaces the urea lost in your dry skin.

These are old reliables that I always return to, but the following three are fighting for the top spot on my shelf at the moment.


Evolve Organic Beauty Tropical Blossom Organic Body Butter, €20

Evolve Organic Beauty is quickly becoming one of my favourite new skincare brands. It snuck up on me without me realising, until one day I realised it had taken over my skincare routine. There's nothing I've tried that I haven't loved – the Rose Gold Lip Shine is always at my desk, the Hyaluronic Acid Eye Complex is among my go-to puffy eye saviours and now they've created my favourite body lotion. Also, the packaging is slick. It looks as wholesome and natural on the outside as it truly is on the inside and you'll want to put everything on display in The Good Bathroom for when you have Fancy Guests. The brand is vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly and 100% natural too. Tropical Blossom Organic Body Butter is created with organic shea butter and Tahitian coconut Monoi. It melts into a luxurious, rich oil but dries in quickly and smells like heaven. Outside of turning the boredom of body lotion into basically a self-care act, it contains antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamin, E, D and A and leaves skin soft, hydrated, glossy and smooth.  A total joy to use.

Botánico Vida Omega Oil, €20

From the founder of global spa brand Elemental Herbology comes a new body oil to solve all your skincare issues. Whether you're dry or irritated, red and itchy, suffering from sunburn, eczema, scarring, stretch marks or looking for something gentle to help removes your babies cradle cap, meet Botánico Vida Omega Oil. "I gained an understanding about the power of omega oil to heal skin while developing Elemental Herbology products," says founder Kristy. "I decided to create a natural, plant-based product with omega-rich pure sacha inchi oil at its heart, to help heal and soothe a raft of skin conditions." Sacha inchi oil comes to you via the Amazonian rainforest and is considered the earth's richest natural source of omega 3,6, and 9; antioxidant-rich fatty acids instrumental for healing and calming skin. It's the skincare saviour your bathroom shelf needs for emergencies. This new glossy oil just launched and is available in Boots.


Nivea Body Soufflé Coconut & Monoi Oil, €7.99

From the French word ‘souffler’, meaning 'to breathe', meet Nivea's latest innovation. Nivea Body Soufflé Coconut & Monoi Oil is also infused with Tahitian monoi and the texture is light and whipped. It's non-greasy on the skin, absorbs in quickly and leaves skin glowy and soft. Plus, it smells like coconut heaven.

Photography by Evolve Organic Beauty.

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