Do you want to chat during beauty treatments? Here's why I favour silence...

When it comes to salon visits, do you prefer silence or chit chat? It's an issue that divides people, and something that's hard to broach...

I polled the people who follow me on Instagram, just to see. Over 3,000 of you said you preferred complete silence from your hairdresser, nail tech, beauty therapist or facialist.

Sounds like a lot. But about 2,300 of you responded that you're happy when they chat away - so the split is fairly even overall.

What's the harm?


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There isn't any, in truth. But I'm firmly in the 'silence' camp, with everyone but my nail tech who I couldn't possibly not chat to because I've been going to her for so long.

When I pay for a pedicure, a blow dry, a facial, a massage... Any and all of those things I see as a form of escapism. No matter what mood I'm in - good, bad or indifferent - I would happily pay double the price if I could be guaranteed there'd be minimal to no chats.

It's not rudeness... is it?

It's not that I'm being rude - I'm an exceptionally chatty person and am always polite (my mam would murder me!) but I see those treatments as treats, and as 'me' time, so idle chit chat about where I'm going on holiday just don't jive with my need to chill out.

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I've often dreamed up opening a silent salon. Where every staff member has a consultation form for their client to fill out, you get to tick a box for coffee, tea or prosecco, and you aren't even asked to take your earphones out. Minimal chat, no need to pause your podcast, no need for any awkwardness because look - you came to the silent salon for a reason.


salon visits

I might sound extreme, but I know at least 3,000 of you are with me on this. And to the other 2,300 respondents... Let's chat, just not while I'm getting my pedicure.

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