Natulique at Davey Davey

PPD, parabens, ammonia - we're all familiar with the terms but do you really know what they mean and what they are doing to our bodies???? For Ian & Paul Davey of Davey Davey Hair Salon, the desire to eliminate chemicals without compromising on colour or coverage, led them to Natulique? the only completely certified organic hair colour in the world.

Women (and men) undergoing chemotherapy might understandably be very nervous of using their normal hair colour, and would generally be advised preferably not to colour their hair.? This can be particularly devastating if disguising grey is an issue. Awareness is growing about the link to parabens (in a lot of hair colour brands) and breast cancer. This is also very much a concern if you are pregnant and want to continue colouring your hair but are equally concerned about the chemicals that are absorbed into your body.


Designed with a focus on natural ingredients, a special formulation of pure, natural sunflower seed extract, jojoba oil, apricot seed oil and grape seed oil, Natulique activates the colour and actually restores hair by infusing it with a balance of vitamins and minerals. The company has also achieved certification from ECOCERT, the world's leading certification body. ECOCERT demands a requirement level that is superior to conventional regulations governing cosmetics so that any product that achieves accreditation has had to meet their demanding criteria.


Davey Davey are currently the only salon in Dublin to use this range and they are delighted with the professional results they are getting and also with their clients' positive feedback, especially from those going through cancer treatment.

A nice, caring development in hair care, we say!

Davey Davey

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