Multi-Masking Could Be The Key To Perfect Skin

The beauty industry has gone into overdrive lately with a score of new beauty trends after exploding on social media. Contouring and it's very scary sister Dramatic Contouring, as well as ?Baking? have all taken off and beauty experts and bloggers alike are touting these techniques as the way forward for picture-perfect makeup application. But, what about the skin underneath all that makeup? If you're going to have such a heavy base, surely your skin needs to extra TLC to keep it looking flawless, and apparently ?Multi-Masking? can give you this.

Multi-Masking, though not a hugely new concept is fast becoming an Instagram-friendly trend, and it involves wearing up to five different facemasks, each targeting different areas of the face to refresh, clear and revive your skin. Basically, it's meant to give your skin a good boost. And it's not just masks you can apply to your face. You can pile on nose pore strips, lip plumper pads, or anything else you think might work, depending on the facial area that you're trying to target.

We think it sounds like a good idea, and less time consuming that some of the crazy contouring techniques we've seen lately. Though this one is probably best done when you have a spare half an hour in the evening, rather than first thing in the morning.

According to dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman from, it's a legitimate skin care strategy. She suggests either applying one mask after another, and rinsing them off in between - a serious time commitment - or, you can apply different masks to different parts of your face all at once, based on need. She recommends limiting this facial cocktail to once a week. Dr. Elizabeth Hale, another dermatologist, agrees that it's not a crazy concept. "It makes so much sense. I recommend similar concepts when treating patients, like only using Retin-A on the T-zone," she said.

So, it's basically all about mixing up your favourite facemasks to find your perfect skincare combination. We're intrigued!


Here are some examples of others trying the trend:

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What masks are your current favs? #gettinmymaskon If you haven't gotten into multi-masking, you totally should, it is such an amazing beauty routine to try! Instead of using one mask for your entire face, you target areas that need different treatments and apply that mask to those areas only Here I'm using @boscia Cool Blue Calming Mask for my cheeks, chin and forehead to calm my rosacea and hydrate the dryness, their Bright White Mask ?? for my upper forehead and top lip to brighten my skin, and their Lumizing Black Mask ??on my nose and jawlines to minimize pores and clear breakouts! #thecharmingcheshire #wwbbloggers #igbeauty #instacool #instagood #instabeauty #fotd #facemask #skincare #beauty #bblogger #beautyaddict #beautyregime #beautyblogger #boscia #bosciaskincare #multimasking #skin A photo posted by Cookie (@thecharmingcheshire) on


What do you think of this new skincare trend? Would you try it?


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