Make-Up Is Now Being Selfie-Approved

You know when you catch yourself in the mirror and just marvel at your mad smoky eye skills so you decide to snap a selfie that you might actually consider putting on social media? But then you check out the snap and your eye shadow looks like it's been applied with a blunt marker, your eyelashes are non-existent and ?your foundation looks like'someone blew chalk dust on your face.

Not even Angelina Jolie can escape the photo fail. We feel you Angie... Not even Angelina Jolie can escape a make-up photo fail. We feel you Angie...

Well cosmetics companies are now taking our selfie addiction into consideration when developing new make-up. The selfie has now progressed from being absentminded?pastime?to fully-fledged global beauty phenomenon. American cosmetic mammoth Covergirl tested their?Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation for two years prior to release. They used iPhone cameras to see how the foundation photographed and it was modified?almost fifty times before it was dubbed 'selfie-worthy'.

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Gigi is obviously doing something (or everything) right...

And Smashbox are following suit, creating a 'Flashbox' where they test out their products in different lighting and phones to create make-up with?the perfect photo finish. And Smashbox told the New York Times that going forward they will put every new beauty product through such rigorous selfie testing.

There's even a store in New York called "#" that only sells make-up products that have garnered popularity online. Yep, it's an insta-famous beauty'shop.

Moral of the story: You really cannot underestimate the value of a good selfie.

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