From the IMAGE archives: Beauty Bulletin from the April 1978 issue

Progres is a new face cream from the French cosmetics firm of Lancome which has the advantage of being a day or night cream combined. It forms a protective barrier between your skin and the atmosphere while its active biological ingredients work constantly at the level of the epidermis cells to allow a more effective use of the oxygen in the skin. The ageing process slows down the rate of cell renewal. Progres helps to retain the rhythm of the renewal process and its gentle actions make it highly suitable for all skin types. The difference is noted after only a few applications. Progres is the result of careful testing in the Lancome laboratories, Available in Brown Thomas and selected chemists: tube £6.50, jar £12.

Also from the House of Lancome is Ombre Fidele their new eye shadow in eight subtle shades. Easy to apply with its soft foam wand and it has a matt finish which doesn’t go streaky in a short time.

New from the Glenby International Hair Salon (there’s one on the top floor of Brown Thomas) is a Gigi hairstyle to compliment those new Spring suits with little jackets and full skirts. Marc Bohan at Dior started the Gigi look and with his collection showed a lot of glossy club cut bobs with fringes beneath sailor style straw hats. When Yves Saint Laurent’s pre-occupation with American style beige and khaki fatigue was demonstrated in his collection, his models had heads that were full and curly from the roots. A Volutis perm achieves this look without looking false. Glenby’s interpretation shows how glamorous this can be, provided hair condition is kept perfect.

Only Mugler in Paris introduced punk hairstyles for his models. Punk has provided much inspiration for London stylists, quick to latch on to anything that’s different. It's not every customer’s cup of tea, however. But no doubt even punk will become sophisticated, even somewhat refined and then the Johnny Rotten of that scene will find themselves passé.

Helena Rubinstein new blusher colours (all eighteen of them) can be used for contouring and correcting face shapes and combined with highlight do wonders to enhance natural facial structure or play down less-than-perfect features. A rough guide to its use on various face shapes is as follows: Pear-shaped face – Use colour ( the Blusher Creams) on temples and hairline; Contour (the Blusher Sheers) on cheekbones and forehead. Round Face – Colour over brow bone and jawline from chin to ear. Highlight on forehead and under the eye. Long Face – use Colour on temples and hairline: Contour on cheekbones and under the chin; Highlight on forehead and chin. Square Face – use Colour over brow bone to temple and on the cheekbone. Contour under the chin. Highlight on temples and above cheekbone. The eighteen shades which include the Blusher Frosts are all available at leading chemists and stores at £1.35.

Maxi Glow Blush now also has two new additional cream shades in an elliptical compact. The shades are Ginger Peach and Tawny Russet which gives a warm lively effect for defining face structure and adding a glow. Price 60p at all Max Factor counters.


Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion has been so successful as an all over soothing emulsifying lotion that Vaseline people have now introduced Vaseline Intensive Care Hand Lotion. An invisible glove leaves a thin film on the skin to protect against water and detergents. Available at all chemists, tube 42p, jar 72p.

The Babe Skin Care range by Faberge (the people who make Brut) includes Light Liquid Moisturiser, Light Liquid Cleanser and Fresh Toning Lotion. Normally these sell at £5.55 but on special offer during March the Faberge skin care system is at 33.60 which saves £1.95 on the usual price. Light Liquid Cleanser is for use night and morning, Fresh Toning Lotion removes all traces of makeup and Light Liquid Moisturiser protects the skin at all times.

Maxi Fresh Makeup from Max Factor is now in a tube. It has a light moisture-rich formula that keeps your complexion looking natural for eight hours or more and it stays beautiful all day. Suitable for dry, oily and combination skins it is available in six skin-warming shades at 65p.

The article originally appeared in the April 1978 issue of IMAGE Magazine. 

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