Why your hair feels better when washed by a pro (but how to achieve it at home)

There's nothing like that fresh-out-the-salon feeling for your hair. It's something I never seemed to be able to mimic, until I started paying attention to what the pros were doing at the basin and beyond...

That swishy, light-as-air feeling you have when a professional hairdresser tends to your hair is something to be cherished. I hadn't ever been able to manage it for myself, but when I paid attention to what was happening in salon (instead of just gleefully zoning out and enjoying the process) I managed to - almost - crack it.

Double wash

The main points to hit? A double wash, the first to be a clarifying shampoo, and a really good pre-blowdry product to finish it off.
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Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo

€24.55 from beautyfeatures.ie

For the second wash...

When you're finished the scalp cleansing wash, now is the time for a second scrub - this time with a targeted shampoo. Whatever you concern is, whether you want smoothness, volume, repair or density, you can choose your second shampoo based on that requirement.

I always go for a volumising shampoo because what I lack is lift and lightness to my hair, and my favourite one is Bain Volumifique from Kerastase.

hair feels better

Kerastase Bain Volumifique


€21 from petermark.ie

Masks and more

If you have time, there's always something to be said for throwing in a treatment or mask - it's something that would regularly happen in salon. Likewise, a lightweight conditioner will give your hair the protection it needs.

My recent not-so-secret secret weapon is Color Wow's 'Supernatural spray' Dream Coat. It's billed as an anti-humidity product, but when used on damp (not soaking wet) hair just before blowdrying - and used liberally - it does wonders for hair. It's heat activated, so you have to follow it with the blow dryer, but you don't even need to be particularly skilled at drying.

It leaves your hair soft, smooth but still with a lightness and good volume. It also protects your hair from heat, so it's a win win.

hair feels better

Color Wow Dreamcoat Supernatural Spray


€29 from millies.ie

The best part of Dream Coat is that it lasts three washes, so you'll still feel the salon effects for a good week after you initially use it. Nothing I've used quite brings me closer to that fresh, salon feeling.

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