Goldfinger? Try Gold Face

Behold, one of the craziest, most exciting beauty looks we've ever seen on the catwalk.

Gilded gold has always been an innovative option for everything from runway models to our very own BASH beauty pages (see below), but taking things one extreme step further, is designer Rick Owens, who not only dabbled in gold for his recent runway show, but covered his models' faces entirely in the stuff.

Though we'd rather not ever have to deal with taking that amount of make-up off our faces - we're bad enough at removing our mascara - you have to admit it's a pretty powerful look.

These looks were created by MAC for Owens' Paris womenswear show. The models faces were dipped, head-first, into gorgeous blends of flaky gold and silver leaf. The effect is certainly striking.

Of course when it came to our own attempts at gilded gold, we opted for something a tad more subtle. Being a bridal magazine, you could hardly imagine walking down the aisle resembling something a la Austin Powers' Goldmember.


Or could you?

Recreate our BASH look right here with all the necessary tips and tools.


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