Glossier just launched the brow product your make-up bag needs

Glossier has a strong track record when it comes to eyebrow products, with Boy Brow gaining cult classic status. Now, its second foray into the brow arena has arrived.

You know that famous movie quote "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings?" Well, every time Glossier launch a new make-up product someone in the IMAGE offices squeals and today was no different.

Boy Brow, their first and only brow product is the already a cult classic. Having gone through about four or five of them myself, I can vouch that it does live up to the hype. The comb-through gel gives you perfectly fluffy, groomed and tinted brows - I can now never be without it. But I always needed to use something else underneath, such as a brow pomade or shadow because it doesn't really add to the length or thickness of the brow on it's own.

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Enter: Brow Flick.

Works like a liquid liner with its thin tip designed to give precision and control.

This fine brush allows you to draw on individual strokes to mimic natural hairs and extend the length of your brows. Paired with the original Boy Brow, this will make them look naturally fuller and textured, rather than starkly drawn-on brows.

The product was launched by none other than our beauty girl crush Katie Jane Hughes on the Glossier Insta-stories. Head on over there if you want to see it in action. If you're already a KJH enthusiast then you'll know she's a lover of Ardell's Stroke a Brow - it's how she turns her sparse eyebrows into full, thick and natural looking brows. This latest launch from Glossier is a similar concept to the Ardell version, but, as Hughes often mentions, it has a tendency to dry out quickly, so we hope Glossier's offering will improve upon it.


Brow Flick is already available to buy online, so no need to pencil it into your diary.

It's €18 and available at 

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