Glitter Roots: Will You Try The Christmas Hair Trend?

Christmas jumpers are out, but glitter roots are in. Yep, it's the latest trend to sweep the nation (well, adventurous teens online, but that's where it starts) and it's perfect just in time for Christmas. Though at first we looked upon this trend as sparkly dandruff, we'd be lying if we said it wasn't just a little bit cool, especially when worn with pigtail buns.


Whether or not you brave this trend will be a marker of your mental strength; as we know all too well, removing glitter from your every orifice once it's set in is near impossible. This is a trend, much like committing to red hair, that you'll have to be prepared to stick with for a while. Will it drive you to the brink of insanity or will you make it work? Of course, it's entirely impractical but at what point in the history of trend-setting fashion has practicality been prioritised? Exactly.

Fuck spending €70+ at the hairdressers this is my plan! Genius #glitterroots #hairspiration

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Those with blonde hair could try working a pink or white glitter into your parting while those with brown or black hair can go wild with a festive green or blue sparkle. Either way, prepare to have fun and as for when you try to wash it out? Good luck.


Will you dare to try it? Or do you still view glitter as a product worthy of only your enemies?

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