Future Icon: The French pharmacy dry shampoo that's kind to your hair

Dry shampoo can be our best friend and our worst enemy. Great for clearing up greasy residue, not great for blocking up our scalps. But Klorane, one of France's most loved pharmacy brands, have the answer to our hair prayers...

A Parisian romance

When I was in Paris with my two best pals about seven years ago, I spent hours scouring through the million, billion products that French pharmacies have to offer that we didn't (at the time) have in Ireland.

Among several skincare gems, I stumbled upon a haircare brand that I instantly was drawn to thanks to their terribly French packaging and approach. That brand was called Klorane, and my love affair started with their dry shampoo - the future icon I'm chatting about today.


One of these bad boys is sold every ten seconds worldwide - I learned that after I'd already used almost a full bottle and went searching for a way to buy more. Thankfully, the brand has since arrived in Ireland and I've kept stocked up ever since.

Klorane Dry Shampoo with oat milk, €10.99

Klorane Dry Shampoo with nettle, €11.49

Why it stands out

While all their hair products are dreamy, the dry shampoo stands out to me as a future icon because it never, ever leaves your hair with a build-up of product, unlike most other dry shampoos.


It soaks up grease expertly, smells subtle and stunning (I don't like an obvious 'dry shampoo' smell - it belies the fact that you haven't washed your hair) and while it doesn't leave a chalky residue, it leaves enough grit to double as a styling product.

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The brand are nice to the earth

Klorane’s ethos is that there is one plant for every specific concern. They're botanists, in case that wasn't clear, and they go around the world picking different plant extracts to make use of in their products.

The 'Nettle' range is great for super oily hair, the 'Pomegranate' one is ideal for coloured hair and then irritated scalps are best looked after by the 'Peony' range.

As an aside, Klorane are sound to the planet: They make sure they're being sustainable and responsible at every turn, by the looks of things, using only recycled plastic and developing mutually respectful and beneficial relationships with any of their local producers.

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