Forget Fake Lashes And Lip Fillers With CODE Beautiful Hero Products

Finding the perfect mascara is as eternal a beauty quest as finding the right foundation. There are new ones to consider all the time, with prices on either end of the spectrum, many make promises they may not always deliver.

What do you want from your mascara? Hard work. Like your foundation, your mascara should go the distance. You want no flaking, caking, clumping or crumbling, pigment from root to tip on every individual lash, volume, the appearance of more lashes, easy to use, a non-drippy formula, and to not go to the bathroom an hour after applying and find it's bled all over your face.

Frustratingly, you might end up carrying around a couple of mascaras in your makeup bag; one for volume, one for layering, one to separate lashes. CODE Beautiful's founder Sarah Cross was fed up of carrying around four mascaras in her handbag to give volume to her tiny lashes, so she created an eyelash product followed by a range problem-solving beauty must-haves.

CODE VLM (Volumising, Lengthening Mascara), €29

Meet CODE VLM, a true hard-worker to cover all mascara. Using the CODE Beautiful 'Roots, Wriggle and Roll' technique will ensure you have clump free gorgeous long and volumised lashes all day long.  Also available in mini form (3.5ml), ideal for your clutch on a night out or your pocket at a festival.

CODE FFL (Forget Fake Lashes), €26

CODE FFL is a pre-mascara plumper. Like Spanx, it enhances what's natural and makes it look the very best. CODE FFL, €26, is a mascara primer, applied before your favourite mascara to solve the issues found in any mascara and leave you with long, dramatic lashes. It also improves your lashes' natural condition, encouraging growth and hydrating them. It's as essential to your eye makeup as Spanx is to your LBD (little black dress).

CODE Beautiful MEK (Makeup essentials Kits) - RRP €20

CODE Beautiful now have five problem-solving hero products in total having launched CODE LIP (Lip Intense Plumper), €29 and CODE SSL (Soft Smooth Lip Liner), €26 this year for those who want plumper lips without the need for surgery or fillers! CODE LIP is a lip plumping treatment full of some awesome ingredients – the more often you apply it, the better the results. CODE SSL is rose nude in colour and has a clever self-sharpening technology, close and twist the cap clockwise until it clicks and just like magic you have the perfect soft smooth tip every time you use it. CODE LIP.


For filler-free fuller lips, CODE LIP (lip intense plumper), €29, gives an instant boost in plumpness and moisture, containing hilurlip, hyaluronic acid and lip plumping ingredients that give better results the more it's applied. CODE LIP also contains coconut oil, almond oil and sun damage protection - all good stuff.

CODE SSL - Soft Smooth Lip Liner €26

CODE SSL (soft, smooth lip liner), was created in a universally flattering nude. A liner and plumper in one, it gives restructuring care to the lips and hydration. Its problem-solving benefits are a self-sharpening technology built into the lid, lipstick and lipgloss bleed prevention and a natural collagen-stimulating peptide. Another hard-worker worth your money.

CODE Beautiful is available at, Brown Sugar, Meaghers Pharmacies, Dublin and



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