The Most Flattering Tinted Mascaras For Any Eye Colour

Gone are the days when coloured'mascara was an '80s staple; it's now seen on many a runway and is a surefire way to enhance your natural eye colour and make your peepers stand out.

Tinted mascara needn't be tacky or over the top; it can be very wearable if you use it correctly. The key is to pair the correct mascara colour with a complementing shade of eyeshadow and be as subtle as possible if you want to wear it during the day - even a hint swept on the lower lash line is enough.

Below are four fail-safe colour combinations for gorgeous greens, baby blues and beautiful shades of brown.

Brown Eyes: Gold Eyeshadow And Purple Mascara

A gold shadow will bring out your eyes and make them sparkle if they have even a hint of a warm undertone in them. Purple is a flattering contrast to both the shadow and your eyes; you can opt for a vivid shade or go subtle with an eggplant colour.


3614271250148_HypnoseChromatics_Amethyst_1000x1000 Lancome Hypn'se Mascara, €28

Green Eyes: Brown Eyeshadow And Plum Mascara

A brown shimmer shade should bring out the earthy tones in your green eyes while any choice of burgundy?or plum tint on'the lashes will enhance them further, particularly since green and red are such complementary colour combinations.

Colored-Mascaras-399 Clinique Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara, €22.50

Blue Eyes: Copper Eyeshadow and Navy/Blue Mascara?


color-mascaras-04 Diorshow Mascara in Pro Blue, €33.50

Any variation of a blue colour is the ideal choice for your lashes and navy or a brighter blue, if you're feeling adventurous, is extremely flattering against a copper-toned eyeshadow.

Hazel Eyes: Purple Eyeshadow and Brown Mascara

Benefit They're Real Mascara in Brown, €26 Benefit They're Real Mascara in Brown, €26

Hazel eyes are one of life's?glorious genetic mysteries and because they often contain flecks of different colours from brown to blue and green, you can virtually pair any colour with them and they'll be enhanced. The purple eyeshadow?and brown mascara combination look beautiful, though.?If your eyes are more of an amber shade, you can also go for a navy tint in your mascara and a warm shade of shadow - even a touch of terracotta will make them shine.


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