Colin Farrell's Comeback with D&G

Colin Farrell, son of this island nation and troubled republic, is the face of a new Dolce & Gabbana men's fragrance, Intenso.

The news, while welcome, isn't that surprising as Farrell was spotted by? cavorting around a pool wearing nothing but black trunks and a hairband in Stromboli, Italy some months ago. The commercial has yet to land but we have good feelings about this considering the impeccable talent involved. Also, Colin is really good at scenery. He spent years in Ballykissangel acting opposite Wicklow fields.

The campaign was shot by?The Great Beauty's Paolo Sorrentino, an Oscar-winning director, and is the second highly anticipated scent story to have landed on fashion news desks this week. Wednesday saw us all falling n love with the new Chanel mini-movie starring Gisele, which also attracted the talents of Hollywood with Baz Luhrmann directing the supermodel.


While Farrell is a major Hollywood star and one of Ireland's finest acting ambassadors, his star was on the wane in recent years with his personal life and some tepid casting decisions lessening his time in the limelight. In the past year though he's made a lot of savvy choices (Saving Mr. Banks, Seven Psychopaths) and last month saw him?announced, after weeks of frenzied speculation, as one of the leading men of?True Detective's second season?alongside Vince Vaughn.

We are finally ready to forgive Colin?that ponytail.

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