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Gone are the days when tan meant tangerine. An overall mahogany mask has (thankfully) been replaced by a healthy warmth from within. Don't expect muddy ankles, patchy knees or a waft of biscuit when tended to by this set. We've heard they can even enhance muscle definition and trim tummies with some sleuth shading! Cork, Dublin and Kildare-based, the nominees for Best Tanning Specialist are ?

Sharon Berns, Body Connection Spa


Body Connection Spa's resident tanner tour de force is Sharon. A favourite with the Castleknock crew, her talent for tone and gift for glimmer will leave you feeling hot, whatever the weather.

Gemma McBride, Revive



Set in leafy Dublin 6, Gemma at Revive is the queen of chroma customisation. She'll advise you on what suits your complexion best before turning your skin a shade of summer. Pale, Irish ruddiness no more, you'll hear steel drums every time you catch your reflection.

Sinead Buckley, Vedas Beauty


Tanning at Vedas Beauty under the watchful eye of Sinead feels like a day at the beach. Her phenomenal know-how, coupled with spa-like facilities mean you won't want to leave. When you do, however, you'll be in a holiday haze.

Lorna McCabe, Anrol Hair and Beauty



Anrol is Lorna backwards - there's your beauty lesson for the day! Nothing short of a perfectionist, proprietor Lorna is seriously skilled and will give you a tan that looks and feels like the real thing, you'll want to Instagram it immediately.

Colette O?Sullivan, Porcelain Makeup & Beauty


Based down south, where the sun shines, Colette has a knack for knocking out bronzed goddesses. It's not just the gleam that keeps her clientele coming back for more; her warm disposition means you'll never feel the cold in her salon.

Katie Fox, Carter Beauty


You'll be cocoa crazy about your colour from Katie at Carter Beauty. With a tanning technique to rival the rays of Helios, your skin will thank you for choosing the un-ageing option. In fact, with this youthful sheen, you might even get carded!



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