Behind The Beauty Blogger: 13 Questions With Fiona Cooke Of

Our Business of Beauty Awards are looming ever closer and this week, we're chatting to each of the faces behind the hugely successful blogs in our Best Irish Beauty Blogger?category. Today, Fiona Cooke of perfume-based lifestyle blog us more about her?foray into?the (scented)?world of blogging.

1. Why did you start blogging?

I'm mad about perfume, and I am really fortunate to have access to a myriad of perfume experts - noses, trainers, packaging designers, perfumers, and all round gurus - so I went on a journey to find out more about the whole industry, and then thought, hey, maybe one more?person out there might like to read about this too.

2. What's your star sign?

I don't have a clever funny answer for this. Cancer.


3. Which post has been your most successful?

?Marissa Carter kindly wrote a lovely?piece?in my "What's your fave Smell Smell" series, and this has attracted the most?internet'so far. ?Ya big powerhouse, Marissa, thank you.

4. Tell us about your biggest blogging disaster.

?Not doing it often enough. I went on hiatus when my dad passed away, and now I have to learn how to pick it up into a weekly routine again.

5. Favourite Instagram filter?

Any?one that makes the whole world perfect...

Beautiful anxiety


6. Ultimate selfie tip?

Point the camera away from?yourself?at all times.

7. Which social media platform do you loathe??

?I don't loathe it, I just fear it - Snapchat. ?Someone help me.

8. Social bad habits which grind your teeth?

In life in general, bad manners grind my teeth. ?Hold back - you don't have the right to just shout out what you think - on the street, on the internet,?anywhere -?you just don't.

9. Best piece blogging advice you wish you knew when you started out?


Still?waiting?for that?piece?of gold. All help welcome.

10. Who is your beauty idol?

?I'm getting old - anyone advocating 'older beauty' (sadly that is 30 plus) is good in my books! ?Diane Keaton in'the current issue of Vanity Fair.

11. Favourite hot beverage?

?Coffee - creamy, soft, single origin?Ethiopian??- I'm not fussy!

12. Favourite cool beverage?

Longueville House Cider from Cork.


13. Do you think there is a transparency issue in the Irish blogging community?

Moreover, there's a 'guidelines' issue. People aren't necessarily being surreptitious or furtive on?purpose, but there is a lack of clarity of do's and don'ts?in this new medium and people are feeling their way around. ?A really great guidelines strategy from an?organisation would be invaluable.


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