Aveda’s Creative Director Antoinette Beenders gives six bridal haircare tips

Global hairdressing legend and Aveda’s Creative Director Antoinette Beenders tells HOLLY O’NEILL the common mistakes brides make in their hair prep.

It’s all in the preparation. If you’re getting your hair coloured, don’t do it the week before. Go two weeks before. Just like your skincare before the wedding day – you wouldn’t get your facial the day before.

If you need to start covering greys, the biggest mistake brides make is doing it the week before because it looks too ‘done’.

Colour your hair two or three weeks before your wedding day and get a haircut at least a month before. When your hair is cut blunt or has just been cut, it looks somewhat harder in pictures. When it’s grown out a tiny bit, you get a softer and better looking photo-finish.

To get your hair in it’s best condition, instead of putting a mask in  your hair just once a week, kick it up to twice a week. Towel dry the hair first so the mask can really absorb into the hair and put a shower cap on your head over the mask – the heat from your head will allow the mask to penetrate deeper.

For those with fine, thinning hair, start your hair prep three months in advance.


Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair, €32

If your hair is damaged but fine to medium, I would recommend the Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair, €32, It repairs your hair from the inside out and strengthens your hair. Put most of it on your most damaged hair, but don’t forget the mid-lengths.

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