3 Foundations Great For Covering Spot Breakouts

Three foundations that won't leave a greasy sheen or clog pores; a must if you're trying to cover a spot breakout. ?

If you're dealing with constant breakouts and adult acne and reading this, you'll also face what I deem the 'foundation struggle.' The struggle?that comes with trying to apply a base to your face that adequately covers any blemish but also lets your'skin heal and breathe. A thick, mask-like finish isn't what you want, so opt for water-based, rather than oil-based, or a mineral powder as these formulas will sit on the skin, without causing your pores to clog further. ?Below are three that I use on a rotating basis (depending on the coverage I need) that I found?to be the best for covering spots and soothing redness.

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Foundation, €34



This is a treatment foundation; it contains ingredients to neutralise the appearance?of redness and combat excess oil. Coverage is fair to medium, but I found this one actually helped ease the spots as well as cover them.

Bare Minerals Anti-Blemish Foundation, €29.50


Unlike water-based products, mineral powders don't harbour bacteria, making them more beneficial for your skin - no bacteria = fewer breakouts. ?This one treats the skin as well as gives coverage - it contains tea tree?oil - and the medium coverage is perfect for dulling redness.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup, €38


Yes, this one is heavy-duty, so it means a fuller finish, but it doesn't cake or clog pores. And if your skin is noticeably oily, this stays put all day. ?It is nicely moisturising (because you don't want to overly dry the skin either) ?and you only need a few drops for plenty of coverage. They have also just brought back their palest shade, Bone1W1, which is a superb match for those with Celtic hues.


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