13 Tattoos That You'll Want Now

You've probably thought about getting a tattoo at one point or another. You've either gone ahead and done it or maybe felt you just weren't bad-ass enough to pull it off. These days though, with so many creative options and so many unique artists at our disposal, if you reckon a teeny tiny white ink tattoo of a teacup is a more accurate representation of your personality, you can absolutely go for it. A tattoo doesn't have to be an enormous, black and grey commitment. It can be dainty and colourful, or if it works for you, it can be your favourite line in your favourite song, written in your favourite font from the nape of your neck to the small of your back.

As we gear ourselves up for our first ever inking, we're feeling all kinds of inspired by what we see on Pinterest. For those who said they'd never do it, here're 13 tattoos that just might change your mind.



Feeling brave?


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