Watch: Dog Tries To ‘Pack’ Giant Teddy Into Cage And It’s Adorable


Nothing sets our day off on the right note like the sight of a small dog trying to pack a gigantic teddy bear into his travel cage. Meet Arvo, a super cute little dachshund who is gearing up for a trip. We’re not sure where he’s going, but either way, Mr Ted is going with him. Never mind that said Teddy is just as big as Arvo. (Maybe bigger. We’re not exactly sure. It’s hard to see Arvo behind his giant bear.)

He’s got this entire situation under control. As the struggle unfolds, we’re rooting for the pooch as he determinedly soldiers on, insistent on bringing his Teddy chum along for his apparent journey.

Does he succeed in the end? Watch it below, prepare to smile and see for yourself:

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