Sage Living: How to Get the Most From Your Home in 2016

Looking ahead at the lovely clean slate that is 2016, we want to make sure we’re ready to make the absolute most of it. In her new book, Sage Living: Decorating for the Life You Want, blogger Anne Sage shares some advice on how to make sure your best life starts at home…

This time of year, the office is abuzz with good intentions – whether it’s the intention to eat well, use our commute to learn a new language or just treat ourselves better. There are those who would say that January 1st is no different from the day before, and who find the pressure to jump on the new-year bandwagon a tad ridiculous, but I love having an impetus to look at life from a fresh perspective, to figure out what is and isn’t working.

When considering making changes to improve our wellbeing, diet and fitness are clearly a good place to start from the point of view of health, but another important area to consider is our home.

As stylist, blogger and co-founder of online lifestyle publication Rue Magazine Anne Sage points out at the beginning of her book, Sage Living: Decorate for the Life You Want (Chronicle Books, €28.50), “Our homes are like mirrors… From our passions and interests to the stage of life through which we’re passing, our living spaces are extensions of ourselves.”

How to Get the Most from Your Home in 2016

From the get-go, it’s clear that this isn’t your average home-decorating guide. Released last autumn, it carefully defines the emotional and holistic connections we have with our homes, and outlines simple ways our interiors can either add to or take away from our creativity, calm and contentment.

Whether you want to be more productive, more zen or simply happier in 2016, throughout this beautifully photographed book, she shows the reader easy adjustments that can make each room of the home reflect and enhance those goals, from soulful, serene living rooms to energising workspaces.

How to Get the Most from Your Home in 2016

Intrigued? You can pick up a copy at Eason.

Photography Emily Johnston for Sage Living

Sage Living | Anne Sage

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