Lauren Conrad Does Weddings Now

She's designed a bridesmaids dress collection, continues world domination...

Lauren Conrad is a cloak of many colours, a woman of many talents and lucrative side businesses. If you browse her website one of the sections is called ?primp?. Sometimes Lauren writes about her favourite candles. Mostly however Lauren nails weddings.

Her instagram feed is basically a backdrop of Southern California and a million receptions. The life of Lauren is rustic! Beautiful! Brimming with crafts! So it's no surprise that the former reality television star has turned her hand to designing bridesmaids dresses. Conrad debuted the collection in the fall edition of Martha Stewart Weddings and so far we like. The collection is for Paper Crown, Conrad's online shop, and is comprised of twelve dresses. The colour palette is simple and the designs ethereally demure. The silhouettes aren't confining and the hemlines all work.

In an interview with the magazine Conrad displays an easy-going attitude towards bridesmaid gowns, "I don't mind if there are a few girls in the same dress, or if people are all in different ones. It's too difficult to take a group of girls and put them in the same color and silhouette; everyone has their own style." This is the kind of calm and level-headedness that served Conrad well throughout the PMT marathon that was The Hills. Considering she herself is engaged to William Tell - obligatory ring shot above - should we be prepping for a bridal collection?


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