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Wake Up Sleepy Skin

by Ellie Balfe
15th Jun 2016

You know when you wake up and that first glimpse into the mirror is enough to send you diving back under the duvet, texting your boss with cries of sickness due to the horror of your non-ready- for- the- world visage?

Well, I hope you don’t, and this horror is mine alone; but never mind about that as I’ve found an answer.


There are three steps to the Light Time regime from This Works (a brand I still love for?the fact that as they claim -they truly do work). Light Time Cleanse and Go, is a gorgeous zesty cleanser with loads of vitamin C, that when activated by water works to brighten the complexion. After a week of using this, I swear my skin looks clearer from congestion. The Light Time Skin Plumper is a hyaluronic acid and vitamin C filled moisturiser that plumps out skin and clears any skin creases from sleeping. Step number three is the Light Time Open Eyes which is a silky eye cream that contains vitamin rich algae to tighten skin and aloe vera to moisturise.

When these three steps combine, skin rejoices. You’ll look brighter, fresher and dare I say, younger.

No more calling in sick with severe cases of reduced beauty. It’s a tiny win for productivity!

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