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The beauty gifts IMAGE readers really want for Christmas

by Holly O'Neill
11th Dec 2020

IMAGE readers have really good taste in beauty products

Last week, in the IMAGE Beauty Edit newsletter, we asked our readers what beauty gift they wished to find under the tree this year. Here’s a selection of their answers. Want to sign up to The IMAGE Beauty Edit newsletter which comes every Sunday? Tick beauty when you sign up here.

I would most like to see Pestle and Mortar Hydrate Face Cream under the tree this Christmas. It really moisturises my dry skin and I think its lovely to put on after a long day of mask-wearing. I look forward to putting it on in the evenings and my skin really feels the better of it. — Elaine L

For me it’s my No.7 Lift and Luminate range, I’ve been using them for nearly a year now and my skin is in much better condition. It has helped my hyperpigmentation on my forehead a good bit also, it’s easily absorbed which is great for my oily skin and also doesn’t give me a rash as it’s also suitable for sensitive skin. — Amy B

The beauty product I’d most like to find under my tree this Christmas is the Age-Defense Skin Guardian with White Tea from Origins. For me, its a real soothing, natural AND treat product, it’s not cheap so it’s great to be gifted with it and also, I’ve just run out! It’s super hydrating too so perfect for keeping the skin hydrated in winter. — Grace H

I would like to find any Shiseido skin products under the tree because they feel so luxurious on my skin and I want to look my best for Santa! — Siobhan M

I’d love to find a really good quality moisturizer under my tree as I’ve rare genetic disorder so my skin is very soft and sensitive and I come out in red blotches easily. It’s hard to find a product to suit my skin as it’s normal with dry patches and if I’m stressed I flare up around my neck. — Dawn F

The beauty product I’d like to find under the tree would be quality moisturiser to keep my skin looking well in these colder winter days. — Rosemary C

I would love to find a serum under the tree this year, to get my glow on for winter! — Vivienne F

Under the tree, I would like to find La Prairie Cellular Serum Platinum Rare for my wife, Betty. Just to have and use it once! Surgery is probably cheaper than this stuff on an ongoing basis! — Vincent M

I’d like to see Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise Pots. They are really pigmented, last all day and are really easy to apply. — Laura D

What I would like to find under the Christmas tree would be a letter on top of a fabulous hamper of beauty products. The letter would say that it was safe for everyone to see their friends and family and not worry about social distancing or covid. And the beauty hamper would be full of beautiful products that I have only ever dreamed of to help me look my best! — Patricia M

The product I would love to find under the tree is Augustinus Bader The Cream. I got a sample of it recently and the glow is unreal! — Laura M

I would love to find EltaMD tinted moisturiser. I hate wearing foundation, I don’t like the feel of a heavy make up. EltaMD is really light on your skin, gives me enough coverage and a bonus of having an SPF of 46. I have 3 boys (twins) and most days look like I’ve been dragged through a bush! — Yvonne M

My number one product for under the tree is Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial because it’s amazing. I bought it as a post-birth treat in June and it definitely helped my sleep-deprived skin, I got so many compliments and my skin felt so refreshed and revived after it! — Aoife R

I would love to see anything Charlotte Tilbury under the Christmas tree this year! A new lipstick would be nice, hoping that I will be showing it off without a mask when the vaccine is rolled out and we are all protected! — Paula E

I’d love to find Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream there, it feels beautiful on my skin. — Aine H

I would love to find a bottle of Chanel No 5 because every time I wear it I feel confident and gorgeous. — Jane N

I’m a skincare/beauty fanatic! Would love to try the Shiseido Beneficiance range or anything with SPF, I’m obsessed with SPF as my mom had skin cancer. It’s so important. — Noreen R

I’ll love to find the miracle cure to really dark circles… and if that wasn’t possible then I’m intrigued by the Shiseido Self-Refreshing Foundation. Maria from No Spring Chicken is trialling it this week and it looks fab! — Aoife M

Being a mature woman, I have more experience than most of trying lotions and potions! What I would love for Christmas is a years supply of Opium Body Lotion. Divine scent and it surrounds you in a beautiful, delicate scented cloud for many hours. — Rosemary K

I’d love to find Shiseido Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Cream under my Christmas tree. I’m looking for an effective daily moisturising anti-wrinkle product. This smoothing cream smells divine and this would definitely make a difference to my complexion. — Kerry H

Not the most exciting answer, but I always hope for Pai’s Cream Cleanser – it’s one of the only beauty products I always use to the last drop. I found it years ago when my skin was acting up and it’s been my saviour. It’s probably silly to spend a bit extra on a cleanser when you wash it all down the drain anyway, but it smells lovely, gets make-up off and doesn’t dry out my skin – I’ve cheated on it with other products occasionally but always come back. — Suzanne K

So hard to pick just one! I was given a lovely present some time ago: Shiseido Bio-Performance Glow Revival Serum. What a treat! Best ever product for mature skin! Definitely top of my list. — Dagmar M

After years of a low budget, low effort skincare regime, the skin of my face and neck at the age of 49 decided to stop cooperating. Six months plus later, of being confined to a warm wet flannel as the extent of my skins tolerance which is granted even lower budget and lower effort than before, I would love the solution to magically appear underneath my Christmas tree! — Anne Marie C

The Ordinary! Almost all of their products are excellent, and all very affordable Even my mother (78) loves it, calling it a miracle cure. Her skin, she said, is in tip-top condition using it, and she even has my dad on it! No wonder a lot of the products are sold out in lots of places. Love all the products but we all use the High-Adherence Silicone Primer. My girls love it and like my mam, I now have my hubby using too! — Karen M

I would love to find Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Serum under the tree – it’s an OG skincare favourite I keep returning to, it quenches my skin and makes it look fresh & rested. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive! — Mary J

I would like to receive Pixi Glow Tonic as my beauty present. It is easy to use, provides an instant result of radiant skin and is great value for money. — Cathy R

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G: lipstick – the lips are cashmere-soft and irresistible! — Ita M

If I could find one beauty present under the tree this year it would be the GHD glide hairbrush. My sister in law has it and she says it is a miracle worker. And by god do I need a miracle; I have not been to a hairdresser since November 2019, yes, you read that correctly, a whole 13 months since I have had a hair cut… between the pandemic and other commitments I just have not had a chance and I guess I was a bit nervous when everything opened up the last time. Then I looked in the mirror and tried to get an appointment before the last lockdown but no luck so my hair is a holy show! — Joy C

I would love to see Ren Clean Skincare Clarifying Clay Cleanser under the tree or their Clear Calm products. I have oily skin and their products really make your skin feel clean, clear, soft and mattified. They are also clean in that they don’t contain parabens, are cruelty-free and use recycled plastic for their bottles. All positives! — Majella H

The present I would love to find the most under the tree this year the Shiseido Waso Beauty Sleeping Mask. It was a saviour last winter as my skin became so dry and flaky. It’s out of stock whenever I try to buy it and, being a healthcare worker, I’m very busy and the tiredness shows up on my face. It really is a brilliant skincare product to perk my complexion and I recommend it to everyone. — Veronica C

It’s very hard to pick one beauty product so I’ll pick Creme de la Mer moisturiser as its something I probably wouldn’t buy for myself, but I would love to see if it’s as good as it is supposed to be it and it would be a daily treat! — Kathryn F

The beauty product I’d most like to see under the tree is the Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel hair shampoo and conditioner – some Christmas love for my tresses! — Oonagh G

Digital illustration by Laura Kenny.

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