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Take a look inside Claudia Winkleman’s new beauty collection

by Holly O'Neill
05th Nov 2019
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Full Panda by Claudia Winkleman is available now.

Claudia Winkleman has always had a signature look; glossy fringe, great hair, lots of eyeliner and pale nude, almost white lipstick. When I read people talking about her tango skin and Tipp-ex lips, I wonder are we talking about the same Claudia Winkleman. Beauty to me is unique, personal, fluid and joyful and if that doesn’t sum up Claudia Winkleman and her look, I don’t know what does. I’ve only ever considered her fabulous and can’t believe anyone would suggest otherwise, but that might be because I have a particular affinity for lots of eyeliner, nude lipstick, tan and anyone with a signature style and a touch of pirate about them – see also Russell Brand. Russell Brand and Claudia Winkleman are my spirit parents.

If you share my adoration of Claudia Winkleman, you’ll be glad to hear her new capsule collection of beauty heroes are now available from Boots and each product is entirely true to her – they are faff-free, quick-fix, no messing and most importantly, affordable wonder products to help you get the Claudia Winkleman look you’ve always wanted.

Full Panda By Claudia All Week Long Lipstick Trio, €16

“My beauty philosophy is to get back into bed,” she said in an interview, and if you can’t relate, you don’t need her wardrobe of make-up shortcuts and can get back to your contouring. “I’m unbelievably lazy. I’d love to say, ‘I’m busy, I’m juggling, I have 19 children and I’m constantly cleaning my house.’ But that’s not true. I just like lying down. Even if I have an hour that I could spend getting ready, I’m often horizontal and dribbling, and I wait until the very last minute. Then it’s orange (face), shiny (cheeks), black (eyes) and white (lips). Boom.”

Full Panda By Claudia Add To Basket, €13

The collection includes a beautiful sparkly clutch bag for €13 (“The key components to a great night out – great friends, laughter, lots of chips and a magical clutch bag”), a trio of lipsticks for Thursday, Friday and Saturday (“because Monday to Wednesday simply don’t count”), a gorgeous eyeliner crayon set for €13, and a full kit of primer, mascara, highlighter, bronzer and eyeliner for just €26.

Full Panda By Claudia The Must Have Kit, €26

I am most excited to try the exact shade of Claudia Winkleman pale nude lipstick and primer, €11 and the double-ended eyebrow and mascara wand, for €11. There’s also a double-ended nude and red lipstick for €8. Genius. Awards must be given.

For the Claudia Winkleman guide to how to wear the collection, she broke it down for Boots Magazine. “First of all, you get some sort of base. Some people call it foundation, I’m happy with gravy. Smear it over as much of your face and neck as you’re going to show. Don’t be particular. Don’t use a brush. Wipe your hands on whatever you’re wearing – that’s key. Then you get the black. I’ve got brilliant eyeshadow pencil things in my range. There are three colours because they said I couldn’t just do black. So there’s also a brilliant camo green, which is quite sexy, and gold bronze. Sweep that over the top and bottom, again in some haste. Next, highlighter. I don’t know where you’re meant to put it, but I like it everywhere: nose, cheeks, chin, forehead, clavicle (unless you’re in a balaclava, in which case it would be wasted!). Then a white, Tipp-Ex-style mouth, a zhuzh of the hair, and I’m done. Zero- to-full panda in three minutes.”

See the full Full Panda by Claudia collection in the gallery above and shop the collection now in Boots.

Photography by Boots.

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