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The superfood skincare products your bathroom shelf is missing

by Aisling Keenan
18th Feb 2020

Superfood is a term we most associate with those incredibly complex-looking salads you can get in every health food restaurant. But in skincare, the same ingredients can work wonders…

We make a beeline for superfoods to blitz, chop and crush into our food when we’re shopping in the supermarket. So it goes without saying that beauty products containing similar ingredients – when applied topically – can be excellent for your skin, hair and nails.

Here are three I rate of late…


Nunaïa Superfood Cleansing Balm

€59 from

Irish brand Nunaia’s Superfood Cleansing Balm contains actives such as sacha inchi and maracuja as well as well-known skin enhancers vitamins A, C and E. The balm uses cutting-edge green beauty technology and an almond active to make their balm to milk formulation.

Balm to milk works really well, as it’s rich and luxuriant enough to feel like it’s really attacking your leftover make-up, but rinses off lightly and easily, all the while leaving your skin hydrated.


Yon-Ka Paris Guarana Scrub 50ml

€37 from

This delicious-smelling (IMO) exfoliating cream cleanses and purifies the skin without stripping it. With two kinds of naturally-derived microbeads (guarana seeds and organic brown rice), it gives you the gentle scrub feel you’re after, but without risking micro-tears on the skin.

It’s packed with superfoods like blueberry, calendula, chamomile and linden extracts. I use it on damp skin about once a week and try to keep myself from eating it. Which, FYI, is not advisable!


Pureology Strength Sure Superfood Treatment Mask

€31 from

My hair? It’s damaged. Bleached, styling tool-broken and thinning. I turned to this Pureology superfood mask ages ago and regularly still hit it up once a week or so when I feel my hair needs a dose of TLC.

It is mega rich, so don’t use it if you’re looking for lightweight hair – save it for a day when you’re okay with silky, shiny hair that won’t particularly hold a style. It contains both olive oil to repair damaged hair and goji berry extract to protect against further damage.

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Photo from Unsplash