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Self-care Diaries: Courtney Smith, the stylist self-isolating in cashmere sets

by Holly O'Neill
17th Apr 2020

How stylist Courtney Smith is spending this time in lockdown

Self-care doesn’t mean you have to be a kundalini yogi, have mastered meditation or achieved nirvana. Even the most minute act done for yourself, from wearing bright lipstick to making yourself a cup of tea, has the power to turn your whole day around. There is no right way to do it. So we’re asking women during this period of isolation to tell us about the joyful moments in their days, be it a beauty product or a Netflix series.

Today’s self-care diary comes from Courtney Smith, an Irish stylist with your dream wardrobe and eyebrows and really, really good hair (she is after all self-isolating with one of Ireland’s greatest hairdressing talents, Darren Lacken). As well as styling all my favourite IMAGE covers, Courtney has partnered with some of the biggest names in fashion including Elle, H&M and Primark. While we’re in lockdown, she’s been working on her Instagram Live series Closet Confidential, where you get to have a nosy into the wardrobes of some of Ireland’s most stylish women — definitely check it out.

Here, she shares how she’s spending her lockdown.

Courtney, at home in Portmarnock

Where are you self isolating at the moment?
I am self-isolating at my home in Portmarnock by the beach, with my boyfriend, our pet Rottweiler Lexi and my best friend Darren.

What is your daily routine consisting of while in quarantine?

As someone who is self-employed, routine has always been very important to me so as much as possible I am trying to stick to it. We usually get up weekdays at 5 am but we are allowing ourselves a little lie-in during these times, so we get up at 6 am and walk Lexi on the beach while the sun is rising. Then we try to get a little workout in the garden in — we vary this up between weights and little HIIT sessions. I usually do a couple of hours at the computer (I am still staying active and pitching for future jobs and working on a new website), then late afternoons I shoot content for Instagram or clients, before finishing up early and spending time in the kitchen eating and chilling out.

Courtney wearing Zoe Jordan cashmere 

How are you dressing while working from home?
For the most part, I have been living in cosy loungewear, mostly Zoe Jordan cashmere sets. But 3 days a week I am shooting an Instagram Live called Closet Confidential, interviewing stylish people virtually from their wardrobes at home — it’s a nice excuse to have to put a cute outfit on and do my make-up.

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Are you working out or moving your body while at home?
Absolutely. I love working out, it really helps me start my day. I used to do personal training with AD Elite Fitness 3 days a week and then boxing/cardio 3 days a week. So I now do my PT sessions via Zoom with my trainer as online sessions — it’s amazing to see how businesses have evolved like this to suit the current situation. Other than that I am just doing my own little HIIT sessions in the garden or living room. There are so many great workouts on social media now it’s easy to get inspiration.

How are you engaging with self-care at the moment?
LOTS of facemasks. I bought a bunch of different face masks on Space NK last week and have been indulging in nice skincare. Listening to lots of lovely podcasts is keeping me uplifted, I’m really enjoying Angela Scanlon’s one, Thanks A Million.

What’s bringing you joy right now?
I’m really enjoying catching up with my friends and family on Zoom. We would often do Sunday dinner at my parent’s house, so we have replaced it with Sunday Zoom chats —it’s obviously not the same, but for right now, it’s our new normal!

Courtney and Lexi

What’s been your favourite thing to eat while stuck at home?
Pretty much anything Mark cooks — now that he has more time to experiment in the kitchen, he has been whipping up a storm every night and my Insta followers have been loving me posting his daily dishes. His seafood pasta, prawn burgers and jambalaya have been the biggest hits.

La Mer The Renewal Oil, €185

What beauty product are you enjoying using the most at this time?
I have been using lots of Moroccan Oil, using this time to really look after and treat my hair while nobody can see me. I see so many people stressing about their hair at the moment, but I feel it’s the perfect time to do masks, add oils and get my hair back to really good condition. I also love the La Mer Renewal Oil, €185, for my face — on those no make-up days it just feels like a little bit of luxury on my skin.

Photography by @courtneysmithstyle.

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