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RIP To Ren?e Zellweger’s Face

21st Oct 2014

Earlier this morning we were all gathered around a computer, marveling and gasping at Ren?e Zellweger’s new face. ‘That’s not Ren?e Zelweger, you must be joking!’ were among the comments shared. To ours and everyone else’s disbelief, it seems the Bridget Jones actress has transformed herself beyond recognition, so much so that we wonder how this will affect her casting opportunities in the same way Jennifer Grey suffered post Dirty Dancing.

It’s not that Ren?e looks bad, or that her surgeon got a bit too knife happy or implanted an actual trout where her lips once were, it’s that she doesn’t look like herself at all. Gone are the sultry eyes, the apple-like cheeks and that smouldering, cheeky look she was so well known for on the red carpet.

(Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing1987)

While it would be marvelous to age gracefully with confidence, embracing all of the laughter lines and wrinkles that come with growing older, we know there’ll always be a handful of us who’d make a few changes here and there if we could, so we’re not about to slam anybody for making a decision that’s entirely theirs to make. Whether it’s down to our individual insecurities, a fear of aging or a longstanding dislike towards the features we were born with, there’s myriad reasons why women opt to go under the knife. And it’s all the more easy for those in the public eye to do so what with their impressive salaries and the constant media scrutiny under which they’re continuously examined.

Ren?e’s no stranger to the media’s obsession with her physical appearance, having gone through drastic weight changes over the years as was required for certain film roles. In fact if you google Ren?e Zellwegger images, you’re giving the option at the top of the results to refine your search under ‘anorexic’ images or ‘fat’. Pretty horrible, right?

At this point, though she doesn’t look like the Ren?e we’re used to seeing, Ren?e appears happy and at ease with her appearance as she takes to the red carpet with her boyfriend Doyle Bramhall. We just hope for her own sake that she leaves the surgery as is, for fear she’d wind up going down the Melanie Griffith or La Toya Jackson route.

Never forget, Miss Zellweger, just like Mark Darcy, we like you very much, just as you are.

What’s your stance on plastic surgery, would you be tempted by a little lip filler?