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Party Leg Tips for Pale Girls

by Jeanne Sutton
08th Dec 2014

Not a fan of tan? Biting your tongue whenever a pal suggests some tint for your pale celtic stems? With supermodels like Karen Elson and Lily Cole flying the pale girl flags you’d think people would embrace porcelain, but the allure of the ?bake? is strong in this country. Shut up all the naysayers with these holiday hacks for pristine pale legs.

Scrub like your legs depend on it
Weeks of opaque tights and office heating can wreak havoc on your skin, so make sure to incorporate a good body scrub at least twice weekly. We’re not scientists, but increasing blood flow is a good thing, isn’t it? The two tried-and-tested products we’d grab down at the ‘drugstore? are wallet friendly and cult favourites. Soap & Glory Pulp-Friction Foaming Fruity Body Scrub is available in Boots, while Cocoa Brown’s Tough Stuff is on the shelves in all good Penneys.

benefit bathina

Be smart about shaving
If you’re an adult and don’t slather on the soap and conditioner for defuzzing, always go for a gentle shaving cream. You’re Irish. Your skin is sensitive. Accept this and buy a shaving gel or cream that won’t leave your skin cells weeping. Also, leg shaving tip for you. Take your time in the shower. The softer the hair follicles the closer the shave.?Gilette Venus and Olay have been collaborating for some time now on their Moisture Bars range. Five blades and a some TLC for your skin? Go on.

Moisturising is always key
When it comes to body creams it really is a case of personal preference. Kiehl’s Cr’me de Corps is lovely and clean, while The Body Shop Body Butters are always good to have to hand. If you need some super-hydration Burt’s Bees have an Aloe & Buttermilk Body Lotion that will replenish dry skin like nobody’s business. Your knees won’t know themselves once you make this part of your regular routine.

Sprinkle some fairy dust!
Then some illumination is your fairy godmother. Lush do a great little product called First Snow. This Sparkly Dusting Powder will lift those pallid pins. Just sprinkle some along the front of your leg for glowing confidence. Benefit Bathina was declared Best Body Illuminator at this year’s IMAGE Beauty Hot 100 and retails at €34.50. As we said ourselves, ?patted on the skin after bathing, this is great for the paler among us who want their skin to glow like a marble statue.?

Still not bothered with baring?
Just get some nice tights. We thought we were tired of regimented polkas until we saw these drunkenly dotted dots from & Other Stories.

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