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These are the new PERFECT lipsticks you should treat yourself to this autumn

by Jennifer McShane
14th Oct 2018

Autumn is a time of change. It’s a transitional season; knitwear to skincare, even to pyjamas, it all gets an overhaul. Everything about it seems to feel positive, something to be embraced.  And when it comes to our makeup routine and more specifically, our lipsticks, the fall mood is, naturally, on the darker side. This means stripping away the fuchsias and corals of summer days gone by and stocking up on plums and burgundies – lipsticks with more saturation and depth. The glorious thing about this family of colours is that you’ll always find one shade to offset your skin tone, but it’s about experimenting until you find the right one. Berry tones with a blue base are great on the fairer complexions, while rich terracotta tones work on slightly warmer skin. Deeper skin tones can afford to go bolder whereas, on tan to olive golden undertones and brown-based shades are the most flattering.

The issue for many when it comes to pulling off the right lip shade at this time of year is the weather; matte finishes, while ideal for saturation don’t look as they should on lips that are dry and chapped. Lightly exfoliating the lips prior to application will help as will choosing a formula that won’t enhance any cracks. Happily, brands have been upping their game and the majority have autumn-appropriate shades and textures to make dull days brighter – even if you’re opting for a darker hue.

Below are a few of our favourites for the season:

Lancome’s L’ Absolu Rouge Matte has the look of a matte, but with a powder-like finish that means an easier and smoother application. It has an intense pigment as you’d expect but feels ultra-comfortable to wear. They worked with they’re leading make-up artist, Lisa Eldridge to create a lipstick that feels soft and velvety but doesn’t budge once applied. Available in 18 shades.

Lancome’s L’ Absolu Rouge Matte, approx. €29

Bobbi Brown’s new Luxe Matte Lip Colors are this writer’s current favourite. The texture of each bullet is soft, but not as light as the option above but the 30-colour shade range full of berries and plums means that should you be looking for your ultimate autumnal lip choice, they have it.

Bobbi Brown’s Luxe Matte Lip Color, approx. €32.50

The MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick is a matte I’ve been truly impressed with. It falls somewhere between a cream and a matte and despite the name, doesn’t feel powder-like in the slightest. Shade choice as ever is excellent with 16 to choose from and the colour didn’t budge once I applied, yet it combines the pigment of a lipstick with the softness of a balm. In other words, it makes your lips happy.

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick, approx. €20

MAC has released a powder-like lip colour that gives a velvety matte finish. Normally, I’m not a fan of lip stains, but as with all things Chanel, this is worth it. Their Rouge Allure Liquid Powder manages to combine creaminess with a finish that’s so lightweight, you’ll forget you’re even wearing it. The great thing about this is that it can be built up to a stronger hue or softened, if you only want a tint and its foam applicator makes applying it on the bus, very easy indeed.

Chanel Rouge Allure Liquid Powder, approx. €36