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18th Nov 2014

For a non-invasive procedure, micro needling is pretty hard-core. Using a hand-held studded roller, tiny punctures are created in the upper levels of the skin – which force it to create more collagen.

But the results sound pretty hard-core, too: skin resurfacing, a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, smaller, tighter pores and a decrease in sun-damage, pigmentation and scarring. Add to that the (genuinely) minimal down-time, and all of a sudden, those spikes don’t seem so bad?

The treatment itself is complete in a matter of minutes; the longest stretch is waiting for the topical anaesthetic to kick in (around half an hour). Then it’s on with the needling, and we won’t lie: there are some definite ouchy moments, especially round the forehead – but it’s bearable. Think a session at the dentist’s, and you wouldn’t be far wrong.


And afterwards? The micro punctures are invisible to the eye, but your skin will look red – almost sun-burned – and there could be a scratch mark or two. Jeanette Ryan, co-owner of Renew Aesthetic Clinics in Dublin and Naas (and a registered nurse), explains that after-care is just as important as the procedure itself. Skin will absorb product deeper and faster, so the post-treatment kit contains plenty of lotions and creams: SPF 50, lightening serum, balancing cleanser, Vitamin C mask and more.

For the first couple of days, expect redness (which can be effectively covered with makeup) and a slightly tight sensation; some dryness is also the norm. While the full benefits can take up to a month to appear, you should see results in a week.

For this reviewer, the effects are subtle, but noticeable – for more dramatic results, you need to book in for a course. My skin-tone is more even, and pigmentation is slightly reduced. Most gratifying, though, is the softening of fine lines on my forehead; I’m told I look well rested, when actually I’m anything but.; €250 per treatment or €600 for a course of three.

Emma Henderson @fluffyblog

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