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Make-up artists on Instagram that will inspire you to put down the contour

by Hannah Hillyer
22nd Apr 2018

It’s no secret that here at IMAGE we celebrate women who break the mould. When it comes to make-up we see so much of the same thing, especially on Instagram. Contour, overdrawn lips and heavy eye makeup dominate our feeds and after a while this can get a little boring. Today we are championing the women of Instagram who are getting creative with their make-up, by playing with shapes, textures and colours. Sometimes their work is super editorial, or just a bit wacky, which we love, as make-up is supposed to be fun, right?


With a following that has shot up in recent weeks (with some help from Katie Jane Hughes) @urgalsal is our latest beauty crush. She is a total pro at playing with shapes and textures, focussing mostly on her eyes. What we love is how she often coordinates her hijab with her eye colour for maximum impact. Sal is also really relatable, with all her looks created from her bedroom. Her mentality towards make-up is really just to experiment as it can all just be wiped off anyway, and this is something we can definitely get behind.


@weepeace is a more recent follow for us and we are obsessed. A Russian make-up artist whose looks are far more editorial than wearable, her Instagram is endless inspiration. Expect to see lots of gloss and shimmer on her feed paired with bright pops of colour. We’re not saying the looks are something you’d recreate on a Monday morning but the combination of colours are definitely great make-up inspo.


For all out make-up madness we suggest following @anatakonyourface. You’ve heard the term ‘painting your face’ before but this girl actually does, flowers, brush strokes and patterns to perfection. She has some jaw dropping creations and some that are just altogether crazy. You won’t see the same looks over and over here, as with Ana Takahashi you never quite know what to expect.


@emilianummelin is a Helsinki based make-up artist with a big following. Sharing a mix of her editorial work as well as her personal looks, prepare to be inspired by her use of colour. If you’re not sure where to start when experimenting yourself we highly recommend looking at her use of coloured mascara, its an easy way to add a bright pop into your look.


@celine_bernaerts is someone who totally blurs the line between masculinity and femininity, she rocks a shaved head with bleached brows and the most striking of make-up looks. She also sits between between an MUA and a model, as she is a YSL Beauty Ambassador. With the buzz-cut there is absolutely no distraction, her face is like a blank canvas for whatever look she creates. Prepare to lose a few hours of your afternoon scrolling through her Instagram as her looks are so varied, there is endless inspiration.