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Holistic beauty: the aesthetic acupuncture synergy facial

by Melanie Morris
01st Apr 2019

Looking for something more from your beauty treatments? Want glowing spirits as well as face and body? Need a reboot of mojo, but your muscles ache too? MELANIE MORRIS might have the solution…

Holistic beauty is having a moment. From jade face rollers to the rejuvenating power of acupuncture needles, it’s becoming more and more usual to find conventional beauty treatments being powered up by crystals, reiki and other complementary forms of beauty. As the seasons change, maybe it’s time to dial-up your regular routine and try a shot of something spiritual. Or best of all, combine science and something holistic to see the benefits both can bring in tandem.



The perfect marriage of holistic and high-tech therapies for one gamechanger experience.


Brides, mothers of brides, red-carpet walkers, or anyone with a big day or night out ahead who wants seriously great skin.


This multi-step facial starts with a hyaluronic serum before fine-gauge 1.3mm acupuncture needles are inserted around the face. Then, science takes over for a while, as goggles go on and a 20-minute session under an LED light starts; the aim is to boost blood circulation and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin’s cells. Once light and needles are removed, a sheet mask is applied to the face, with additional microcurrent stimulation to really repair skin, drive active ingredients deep into the dermis, and re-educate the muscles, working them against gravity. Finally, a session of facial cupping, and Gua Sha (a smooth jade tool) to drain away excess fluid and lymph from the face, and firm up contours.


Quite astonishing. My complexion was completely clear, vital, and the cupping made my face look much slimmer and nicely angular.


There are a lot of acupuncturists who now offer aesthetic facials, but Una Cashin is a notch above most. She trained with Dr Travall Croom, the renowned don of aesthetic acupuncture and has developed this very unique combination of elements in one treatment that really does turn back the clock.


€150 for a 75-minute treatment.


Una Cashin, Ardee House, River Road, Blanchardstown, 086 205 3653, unacashinacupuncture.com.

Photo by Bekir Dönmez on Unsplash

This article originally appeared in the April issue of IMAGE Magazine, on sale now.

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