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Hairdresser Launches ‘Quiet Chair’ For People Who Hate Small Talk

by Jennifer McShane
12th Dec 2015

Sometimes at the end of a long day chatting nonsense, you just need the human interactions to stop. If a blissfully silent hair appointment is your thing, this news will make you happy. A UK hairdresser understands your anti-social pain and has launched a quiet chair with a no chit-chat guarantee.

Gone are the days where you will talk summer holidays, and I’m A Celebrity with the person styling your locks. Now, should you so wish, there will just be silence thanks to what a Cardiff hair salon calls the ‘Quiet Chair.’ Yes, this sounds a tad odd, but it is, in fact, a very real thing.

Bauhaus, a newly-refurbished Aveda hair salon in Cardiff, and it’s sister salon of the same name, are offering a “no chat treatment,” according to Cosmopolitan.

Salon owner, Scott Miller, said they brought in their ‘no chat, just chop’ policy to allow salon-goers to switch off in an information age where it can be difficult to find peace and quiet.

?We understand people lead busy lives where they may have been communicating with people all day and want some relief,? he said. ?A trip to the hair salon is supposed to be relaxing, and while for some people that means catching up on what’s been going on in their lives, not everybody is comfortable with small talk.” For the hardcore silent salon-goer, Bauhaus has a private room upstairs. “We can offer a totally silent, quiet experience, one on one,? he said, adding that this was popular with shy clients.

This is all well and good (genius, depending on your mood), and an ideal situation for those that might be sensitive to social settings, but there are things to consider. There is the worry that some might feel like they are being viewed as anti-social for requesting the chair, and the main one: can the silence be broken if, halfway through your treatment, you decide you hate the cut (every woman’s worst nightmare) or you?just want to talk? Would one be suitably mortified if she expressed a wail of horror at her hair colour in a no talking zone? It sounds like a slightly odd setup, but then again, maybe some would relish this?

“A trip to the hair salon is supposed to be relaxing, and while for some people that means catching up on what’s been going on in their lives, not everybody is comfortable with small talk.”

If the quiet appointment isn’t for you, fear not, as Miller says his team are ?brilliant conversationalists? and that ?if you’re asking your client where they’re going on holiday, you’ve lost.? Ahem, some of us quite like being asked about our holidays, thank you very much. ?Given that many of us are fond of?a bit of chit-chat, we’re not sure how well such an option would go down here.

Would you like to see a Quiet Chair in your favourite salon?

Via Cosmopolitan

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