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The expert guide to the new, highly specialised brow and lash treatments

by Melanie Morris
13th Mar 2020

The beauty dreams you’ve been having are about to come true in 2020, as a whole new generation of products, treatments and services come on stream that will really deliver superb results.

When I think of beauty “trends”, I immediately think of crazy make-up looks being created by young ones on Instagram, usually involving bright eye shadow palettes and a lot of highlighter (I still can’t get my head around highlighter on the tip of the nose… isn’t that the area ladies used to powder down?). But there are beauty trends that disguise more, hide more, enhance more, and work in a far more stealth fashion.

Let’s start where 2019 left off… with an evolution to brow and lash fashion. There’s good news for those who hate to draw and stick on, with the demise of the big, bold HD brow, while lash priming and (basically) perming has been perfected to a level where it’s no longer necessary to glue on fake strips to eyelids.

Last year saw a huge growth in popularity of LVL or permanently curled lashes (€45 at Sugar Coated and available nationwide). This 45-minute beauty service involves tinting and fixing the client’s real lashes to mini rollers while a solution is applied to kick them up and out, giving a wide-eyed Bambi look, 24-7.

Add lashings of mascara for drama and enhance the effect by using a lash growth booster like Nanolash, €40, to supercharge lash growth and thickness. This treatment lasts up to 12 weeks and gives the most beautiful, fluttery, natural effect.

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The same concept then became popular for “laminated” brows (€70 at The Brow Artist and nationwide), which became the transformational beauty treatment of last year’s party season, as it helped create a soft, full, fluffy, bushy effect as brow hairs are trained to grow up and out to give an abundant, youthful effect. Brow lamination creates a far more natural look and sees tint shades returning to a softer shade. The look lasts approximately six weeks and requires little maintenance other than upward-brushing (and a bit of filling in, if you fancy it).

Photography by Getty.

This article originally appeared in the Volume 1 (January/February) 2020 issue of IMAGE Magazine.

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