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Could you cover 10k in 10 days? The 2020 Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon is offering something different this year

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by Shayna Sappington
03rd Sep 2020
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The Vhi Virtual Women’s Mini Marathon is inviting women across the country to take part wherever they are and help raise money for charity in a special way

We were gutted when we heard the annual Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon had been cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions, but thankfully it will be taking place virtually from October 1-10.

As many regular participants know, it’s the largest all women’s event of its kind and a huge focus for charity fundraising.

And even though we won’t be able to join the masses in the Dublin streets this year, women can still participate by completing the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon individually at their own pace.

About the race

The Vhi Virtual Women’s Mini Marathon will take place all over Ireland from October 1-10.

Participants will have ten days to run, jog or walk ten kilometres and can divide the distance however they choose.

For instance, this could be five kilometres one day and five kilometres the next day, five days of two kilometre distances, one kilometre a day for ten days, etc.

Plus, once you register, you will receive a race pack, which includes a Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon commemorative medal, T-shirt, race number and certificate of completion.

How to sign up

If you’d like to participate, be sure to sign up at: www.vhiwomensminimarathon.ie. It takes just a few minutes and costs just €10.

Before the big race, participants can follow one of three training programs available on the website, each designed specifically for walkers, runners or joggers.

Nutrition tips, healthy recipes and safe training advice are also available, so that you can properly prepare and stay fit for the Vhi Virtual Women’s Mini Marathon.

If you would like to share your progress on social media, be sure to tag the Vhi Virtual Women’s Mini Marathon’s Instagram page: @vhiwmm.


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