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Pressed, dried and captured in resin; the best dried flowers for your home

by Megan Burns
20th Oct 2020

As we come into the darker months, add some colour to your home with these beautiful blooms, guaranteed not to wilt.

From Hygge to Fika to Lagom, there’s plenty of Scandinavian ideas that have become popular here, especially when it comes to living through the colder months. It’s easier to get through harsh winters by embracing cosiness, and a coffee and cake break is even more restorative when the wind is howling outside.

It seems that we’re also starting to catch on to another great idea. In Denmark, dried and preserved flowers are popular as decoration, and while it can’t be said that it’s something exclusive to there, the Danes’ love of these long-lasting blooms is a great way to add colour and life to your home when there isn’t much growing outside. Here are some places you can buy preserved and dried flowers for your own home.

Dried flowers

There are a few shops such as Søstrene Grene and Industry & Co that stock dried flowers, allowing you to create your own bouquet. Otherwise, your local florist is often your best bet.

dried and preserved flowers
Dried flowers, €6.65 per bunch, Søstrene Grene

Even if they don’t have any, most will be happy to order them in for you. They’ll often have a gorgeous selection of dried foliage too, which is perfect for more muted tastes, or to create a larger arrangement.

Some florists, such as The Crate in Dublin offer dried bouquets that can be delivered, which would also make a gorgeous gift that will brighten up someone’s home for months.

dried and preserved flowers
Dried Flower Bunch, €40, The Crate

Pressed flowers

Pressing flowers might once have been seen as an old-fashioned pastime, but the results are so beautiful and can create wonderful decorations for your home. If you have pressed flowers, a simple frame is a great way to display them, or you can buy flowers in a frame online, such as from Irish seller UneFleurDesign on Etsy.

dried and preserved flowers
Pressed flower frame, €25, UneFleurDesign

Preserved flowers

For blooms that will last forever, you can buy pieces that have preserved flowers in resin. Irish artist Sasha Sykes is a wonderful example of this. Her pieces are quite an investment, but there are plenty of options for those of us with smaller budgets.

From coasters to cups, there are loads of sellers on platforms like Etsy with beautiful creations made from resin, with flowers suspended inside.

dried and preserved flowers
Four resin coasters with real flowers, €31.07, FlowersByErica

Wherever they are in your home, they’ll provide a little injection of colour, and a reminder of warmer days, no matter what the weather is outside, and that’s something we could probably all use at the moment.

dried and preserved flowers
Dried flower resin cup, €9.77, MadeByEmmaLynn


Featured image: FlowersByErica, The Crate, Søstrene Grene

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