World's Most Horrible X Factor Judge

So you've probably watched that painfully horrible video from the New Zealand version of X Factor in which one judge - Natalia Kills - hurls the most vicious tirade of abuse at a hopeful contestant. It's not just one bitchy comment; she goes on, and on, and on. It's so bad, you'd be forgiven for thinking the whole thing was scripted, but it wasn't. That's a real human being on the receiving end of her vitriol. We could type for hours here in protest to her words but that kind of bullying just doesn't deserve the attention. This is a prime example of a celebrity assuming that they are above others and are therefore in some holier-than-thou position to tear whomever they like down to nothing. How that guy stood there so calmly is beyond us. Also, putting her unwavering nastiness to one side, not a single point she makes is remotely valid; since when is any man wearing a suit considered to be unoriginal?

One word, wagon. And as for her husband? A four letter word beginning with 'D'.

Anyhoo, Natalia Kills (fitting name, eh?) and her co-judge husband have since been fired, and the weapon in question has come out to 'break her silence'.

If she had any decency, you'd expect nothing more than a straight up apology, such as 'hey, I was a complete a-hole, I have no excuse, I'm sorry.'

Instead, she defended herself, suggesting that the show has always encouraged her be a thundering bitch, 'cause you know, it's all part of the TV drama. The word sorry is nowhere to be seen and she has the audacity to tell Joe, the contestant, that she wishes him all the best.


Some people.


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