Wondering what interiors trends the new year will bring? Head to Ambiente 2019 to find out

As we welcome in 2019, retailers and designers will undoubtedly be looking ahead to what we can expect from the world of interiors. Whether it's inspiration or practical product sourcing you're after, trade fairs are a wealth of information, and few more so than Ambiente, which will be held from February 8-12 in Frankfurt this year.

As one of the most important consumer goods trade fairs globally, with 4,400 exhibitors from 88 countries, Ambiente 2019 will help set the tone and pace for the industry. It is the perfect place to see first-hand what is shaping the global market, and what trends and innovations are emerging. As well as the most exciting designers and brands, the show will also feature a series of lectures and events, with industry experts and famous designers discussing what's new in their fields, and where they see the future heading.

Ambiente 2019

The exhibitors are split into three sections: Dining, Living and Giving, with each sorted further into subsections such as tableware, so you can keep your visit as focused as you like, or take a wider scope and experience all three.

Showing their commitment to supporting and rewarding excellence, Ambiente was the 2018 sponsor of the Best Tableware category in the 2018 Image Interiors & Living Design Awards, in which Aisling McElwain took home the award for her range of slate ceramics, pictured below.


Aisling McElwain's Slate ceramics. Photo by Johnny McMillan


Exhibitors will be exploring topics such as how a trend for sharing food, from Middle Eastern cultures to sharing plates and communal-style restaurants are influencing the design of tableware, as well as pushing the limits of glassware design and open-air cooking.

There will also be a focus on Indian craft, as India is Ambiente's partner country for the 2019 show. Expect a showcase of diverse and skilful craftsmanship, combining traditional production methods with contemporary aesthetics from the country's most exciting designers.

To find out more about Ambiente 2019 and purchase tickets to the event, go to ambiente.messefrankfurt.com

Featured image: Broste Copenhagen


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