Who Was At Last Night's Billboard Awards?

Of all the daughters of Kris Jenner, Kylie of the infamous lip injections takes after her should-have-been-in-Dynasty mother the most.

We have to hand it to Jennifer Lopez. When she commits to the nearly nude trend, she gives it her all.

Iggy Azalea dressed herself in an outfit that our early noughties teenage selves would have thought was a-okay.


Chrissy Teigen is the ringleader of the most enthusiastically effusive circus of all time. Love you Chrissy.

Mariah Carey's neckline, that's all we've got for this.

Taylor Swift just dropped her highly anticipated Bad Blood music video (watch it here), and when a girl is on top of the world she wears a chic white jumpsuit.


We love that Britney showed up, but we're sad she showed up in this bargain bin fabric dress.
You're so much better than beige, Britney.


Hiya Hozier! Ireland's son won two awards last night: Best Rock Artist and Best Rock Song.


Is that Molly Ringwald? She looks lovely.



Rita Ora's quest for sexy relevance is our favourite of the modern celebrity fables. We're not fans of this Caeser's Palace ensemble. Karlie Kloss did the confusing scraps of fabric dress far better last week at Cannes.


Kendall Jenner wore Balmain x H&M last night as the designer announced his upcoming collaboration with Swedish fashion brand H&M. We love this relaxed look and may attempt an homage this Friday for after-work drinks.



Lily Aldridge kept things simple but stunning. We usually avoid purple like the plague, but Lily is making us reconsider the OAP shade.


Zendaya is such a red carpet pro. We love this crazy Great Barrier Reef suit and those aqua shoes.

Doesn't Charli XCX look like she would have been really famous in the nineties? Like she could have guest-starred on Dawson's Creek or Felicity? We like all of this not-very-exciting outfit, which is a vintage slip dress from the 1930s, apparently. Yes, it plays it safe, but those nails, that lip and the tousled hair are verging on bombshell.


And, of course, what would a music awards show be without One Direction minus beautiful Zane?

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