Robin Williams: Rare Footage

It's been a while since we took a trip down memory lane, especially to revisit the magic that was Robin Williams in all his comedic glory. This video, that's only surfaced online this week, demonstrates the genius of Williams and the incredible talent that remained with him right up to his dying day. In this 13 minute video, filmed in the 80s, Williams drives director Howard Storm insane as he refuses to say the one line he's there to say (to help promote Storm as a director), instead, shooting off on hilarious tangents and earning that reputation he became so well known for. 'If he can work with me, he can work with anyone.'

Though he may have been frustrated at the time, we bet Storm is pretty thrilled now to have shared this raw, rare experience with the man who is no longer with us. What a gift to have received.

Watch the video of Robin Williams here and prepare for both smiles and sniffles.



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