WATCH: Paul Mescal stars in new Rolling Stones video "Scarlet"

Fans of the Normal People star will surely love this 

Aside from his talent on screen, we know actor Paul Mescal is a music fan. So his new project may seem a natural choice; this is an Irishman who is trying to make as varied name as possible for himself in the industry.

On Thursday, The Rolling Stones released a video for Scarlet  – a recently unearthed song they recorded in 1974 with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page on guitar, no less – with the Normal People actor starring in the video, which was, according to reports, “filmed with a socially distanced shoot” at Claridge’s hotel in London.

Filme in black and white, the clip starts as Mescal laments that he is sorry for being "a little bit drunk", tells Scarlet he loves her and wants to play her a song.


As to what happens next? Well, we won't spoil it, but ever wondered what he might get up to, drunk alone and in a fancy hotel? Asides from pining for Scarlet, it's worth watching the video below to see his interpretation of “rock ’n’ roll leading man”.

The pair discussed the video in short a clip that was posted on Twitter by the label Polydor Records, in which Sir Mick Jagger asks the young actor what the experience of filming his first music video was like.

“Kind of in at the deep end with that, I think.

“Straight in, just go straight in and start with the Rolling Stones video and best of luck,” he said.

Mescal described the whole experience as being "a bit mad".


You can watch the video below:

Main photograph: @radioeksen

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