Watch: Emma Stone Answers Vogue's 73 Questions

All hail Emma Stone. The quirky, undeniably talented actress is making waves?in Hollywood in a big way - her latest film LA LA Land is set for Oscar glory - but (and this is practically even better) did you know she can do a killer Britney Spears impression?

She is the current cover star of Vogue magazine and with the honour comes the obligatory?and hugely entertaining '73 Questions' interview. ?Amid revealing that her favourite exercise class is 'Jazzercise' (we want in on whatever that is) and that Ryan Gosling isn't as chilled as he can so often appear on screen - apparently he's ?bloodthirsty and vengeful? in real life - Stone also showed that she had an uncanny knack for impersonating the famous pop princess.

Her frankly spot-on acapella rendition of '?Baby One More Time' sounds almost exactly like the original, which gets her extra brownie points.


Watch the rest of the entertaining interview below:

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