Watch: Cate Blanchett Talks About The Unglamorous Side Of The Golden Globes

Yes, we're mere hours away from the Golden Globes, and while we prep and mentally prime for the red carpet later, actress and nominee Cate Blanchett is here to make us all feel better, and insists the award show is nowhere near as glamorous as it first appears.

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Stars of the big and small screen arrive in their designer best, looking flawless only to spend the night eating and drinking with their equally famous friends, and though we may look on in envy at this relaxed, star-filled ceremony (a stark comparison to its formal?counterpart, The Oscars), the Carol star says?it has many downsides. For one thing it's horribly packed and sweaty (like, mosh pit sweaty) and those divine gowns we'd kill to wear? They are so tight that nominees can barely sit down, let alone do vital functions such as drinking water or going to the toilet. It also reportedly costs each actress $40,000 (combined with weeks of preparation) to get looking perfect on the night - and that's before they get their hands on any freebies.

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Watch below for more interesting tidbits from Blanchett:

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