WATCH: 23 drag queens and kings sing 'Only A Woman's Heart' in support of Age Action

This is all kinds of fabulous...

A group of 23 performance artists (drag queens and kings) has come together with Eleanor McEvoy to deliver a virtual rendition of ‘Only A Woman’s Heart' to raise funds for Age Action.

The recording, produced by Buzz O'Neill, includes Panti Bliss, Shirley Temple Bar, Veda Beaux Reves, Bunny O’Hare and Davina Devine.

‘Only A Woman’s Heart’ was composed by Eleanor McEvoy and is part of a compilation of 12 tracks performed by six female Irish artists. The original album sold over 750,000 copies, more than any other album in Irish chart history.

In the five years since Marriage Equality over 3,210 same-sex couples have married in Ireland. However, older LGBTQI+ people are still more likely to live in isolation, be single and live alone. They have lower levels of contact with relatives, and are at-risk of healthcare discrimination and other issues.

Age Action supports and advocates for equality and human rights for all older people and the funds raised by this project will help to support their work.

You can donate to Age Action here
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