Wait 30 Minutes After Eating Before Brushing Teeth, Warns Dental Professionals

We're all guilty of it: we stay in bed for an extra five minutes resulting in a rush of panic to get dressed, shove a piece of toast in your mouth, brush your teeth, and run out the door. However, your five extra minutes in bed could be doing your health more damage than you think; particularly your oral health.

Learning to look after our'dental hygiene?is one of the most basic primary skills we learn as children; where brushing became a morning, bedtime and post sugary-snack norm in our daily routines. Now, however, dental experts are warning of the damaged caused by brushing your teeth immediately after eating and are encouraging people to wait?for a minimum of 30 minutes post-meal before brushing.


Certain foods and drinks - particularly foods that are high in carbohydrates, sugars, and foods that have high acidity levels -?create certain bacteria that attack and weaken tooth enamel. Brushing immediately after eating these kinds of foods speeds up this weakening process; further exposing your teeth to harmful bacteria and acids. Dental experts at Colgate are recommending you wait a minimum of 30 minutes before scrubbing your gnashers, meaning you'll probably have to forget about your extra five minutes under the duvet - sorry.

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