The Ultimate Bridesmaid Survival Guide

So you've just been asked by your best friend to be her bridesmaid, congratulations! Undoubtedly you want to be the best bridesmaid you possibly can. Stay ahead of the game by taking note of your key duties and our top tips below.


?1. Check in with the bride

Have a chat with your bride about how much involvement she would like you to have. In the same way that no two weddings are the same, each bride will have different expectations of the bridesmaid role and this conversation will ensure that you're both on the same page from the off.

2. Plan the hen party


Possibly the most important role as a?bridesmaid; make sure you listen to what the bride wants and consider exactly what kind of person the bride is before booking a wild weekend away with the girls.

3. Help with DIY or wedding admin tasks

Really think about the skills you can offer and play to your strengths. Are you the ultimate foodie or a musical genius? Whatever your skill, the couple will appreciate the help, particularly if it will save them some money.

4. Be the best friend that you can be to the bride

Along with practical assistance in planning, the bride is going to need emotional support when it comes to wedding planning stress. Lend an ear when she needs to vent. If she feels overwhelmed by the planning, take her out for the afternoon and avoid all wedding talk.



1. Budget

Once you're aware of the duties expected of you, start a list of wedding related expenses so that you can budget accordingly. It's always good to put away more than you think you need.

2. Be upfront about concerns

Weddings can be expensive for more than just the couple. If you're worried about your own budget limitation it's best to be as honest as possible from the beginning in order to avoid tension and stress further down the line.

3. Make sure the bride eats

With all of the rushing around on the morning of the big day combined with inevitable nerves, brides often forget to eat before the ceremony so pack some snacks to have on hand - granola bars or fruit are perfect.

4. Always be prepared!


Pack an emergency kit and include some of the below to make sure you're on hand to deal with any incidents on the day of the wedding.

1.Safety Pins, €3.79 at?Boots, 2.?Body Tape, €6.50 at?Boots, 3. Blister Plasters, €8.29 at?Boots, 4. Make-up bag, €75 at Brown Thomas, ?5. Tweezers, €4.25 at?Cloud 10 Beauty, 6. Clear Nail Polish, €21 at?Debenhams, 7. Travel Size Perfume, €44.50 at?The Perfume Shop?8. Blotting Paper, €5.50 at?Boots?9. Tissues, €1.50 at?Cath Kidston


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