Tweets To Start Your Day - Tuesday July 11th

Stick the kettle on and catch up with the world.

Blac Chyna was granted a temporary restraining order against Rob Kardashian for posting intimate issues without her consent. Chyna and her legal team thanked the judges saying that it was a victory for women everywhere.

Due to horrific pollution, the Holy Ganges River might not be around for much longer...



Demi Lovato surprised us all with a major comeback CHOON

Think you're having a bad morning? This teenager from Colorado woke up to a bear chomping on his head #Headache



Using lettuce as a burger bun is a thing now, but we're having none of it...

Chelsea Clinton, Daughter of Hilary Clinton, ?fires back at President Trump after his comments suggesting that Ivanka stepping in for him at the G20 summit would have been covered differently if Chelsea had similarly stepped in for her mother.


It turns out that Americans don't use egg cups and the internet can't really handle it



Love Island's Camile got herself a lovely birthday surprise from Jamie. If only we could all have our breakfast spelt out by a Calvin Klein model.


Yesterday, The Herald accidentally printed a photo of a well-known hip hop artist instead of a Manchester United football player and the mortification continues to unfold online. Stormzy wasn't impressed...


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