Trinity Law Ball 1999

It's always been a tough life being a Trinity student, what with study, various society events and the constant round of balls and parties; still, back in 1999 the members of Dublin University Law Society seemed able to cope, displaying low stress levels and high spirits at their annual ball in the Shelbourne Hotel. Things got under way with drinks in the Buttery Brasserie (a change from their regular Buttery), after which the lively crowd of 300 proceeded to the Great Room of the Shelbourne for the ball proper. The four-course dinner was followed by a brief speech by Caitriona Ingoldsby, auditor of the society, and music by members of Trinity's Wilds Strings ensemble. Then veteran swinger Dickie Rock took the stage to keep everyone dancing till midnight, after which the party moved on to Renards night club.

Photographs by Colm Henry


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